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Lancashire Grid for Learning

Main Details

The Lancashire Grid for Learning (LGfL) is a subscription-based service managed through the Schools’ ICT Centre in Chorley.  LGfL is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for over 99% of Lancashire Schools and is currently working towards Becta-accredited ISP status.  LGfL provides schools with a variety of services and resources including Internet filtering, Helpdesk provision, AntiVirus scanning, e-mail accounts, LGfL Content Management System, web page hosting, Spam filtering, MyLGfL (inc. podcasting and personalised calendars) and a large array of curriculum resources through the LGfL website.  LGfL manages an average of 30 million web requests per day on the LGfL infrastructure from schools with this figure increasing by approximately 20% each year.  In addition, the LGfL site itself receives in excess of 400,000 hits per month and though predominantly Lancashire school-based, is also accessed from some 175 countries internationally.

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