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Speed Limits - 20mph areas

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Slow down to 20mph - you could save a life.

Why 20mph?

Accident rates have fallen in recent years on all roads, but some parts of Lancashire have among the worst accident records in the country for children being injured in residential areas.  In fact, almost 7 out of 10 of all accidents in Lancashire where people are killed or seriously injured happen in 30mph areas as opposed to faster roads. That's why there is a real need to reduce accidents on residential roads which involve pedestrians and cyclists, and why the speed limit on these roads is being lowered to 20mph.

It's slower for a reason.

It has been shown that you are seven times more likely to survive if you are hit by a car driving at 20mph, than if you are hit at 30mph. If a child suddenly steps in front of you, you are much less likely to seriously injure or kill them if you keep to a 20mph limit.

Find out about the benefits of 20mph areas, see our list of proposed areas or find the answer to your questions in our frequently asked questions.

There is also information and a toolkit for schools.

Find out more about 20mph areas. 

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