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Landfill monitoring and analysis (Scientific Services)

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Landfill sites

The County Council has responsibility for 22 landfill sites located across Lancashire.  These landfill sites no longer accept waste but still present a risk to the surrounding environment.

The decomposition of waste within landfill produces potentially explosive gas which can present a flammability and asphyxiation risk and leachate (contaminated water) which has the potential to pollute local surface and ground waters.

Scientific Services landfill monitoring

Lancashire County Scientific Services undertake site specific environmental monitoring and, where required, operate landfill gas extraction and leachate control systems. Landfill gas measurements are taken on site whilst water samples are returned to the Scientific Services laboratory for analysis. All our landfill sites have been restored and are mainly used for agricultural purposes.

We offer landfill monitoring services and laboratory analysis of landfill leachate water samples.

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