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Disappointed with your school offer?

We know that it can be very upsetting for you and your child if you have not got a place at the school that you wanted but there are a number of things that you can do to try and change the situation. These are outlined below.

It is best to contact the Pupil Access Team (Admissions Department) with any initial queries that you may have about school places. We will advise you on whether you need to contact the school directly.

1. Waiting Lists

Ask to add your child's name to the waiting list for any school you may be interested in.

You could also ask our Admissions team to add your child's name to the waiting lists for schools that you did not apply to but would consider now.  See our forms and information for further help.

NOTE: Be aware that your child can also move down a waiting list if other children join the list who have greater priority.

2. Other schools with vacancies

There may be vacancies at other schools that you did not include on your application form. Very popular, oversubscribed schools will not have vacancies at this stage but it may be worth looking at any alternatives that are available.

Contact our Pupil Access Team (Admissions Department) to ask about vacancies in other schools.

3. Think about appealing for a school place

You have the right to appeal for any school. If you think there are good reasons why your child should go to a particular school then you can present your case to an independent appeal panel.

If you wish to appeal to the County Council against the refusal of a place at a Community or Voluntary Controlled school, you will need to complete the form.  You can download the appeal form or obtain one from the Area Education Office. You must send the completed form back to the local Area Education Office.

If you have been refused a place at a Voluntary Aided, Foundation School or Academy, you can appeal against the decision of the Governing Body.

For more details view our guidance, appeal forms and information about the different types of school.

The school will present their case for why they cannot take extra children and why it would be bad for the school if they had to. You present your reasons for why you think your child should go to this school and why it would be bad for them if they had to go to a different school. The panel listen and then decide which case is stronger.

If you are successful your child will be given a place at the school.

4. Try not to panic!

Remember that your child is not starting school until September so there is still quite a lot of time for your situation to change. In most areas there will be a lot of movement of school places and offers in the next few weeks and months. Keep in touch with the Pupil Access Team and make sure you are on the waiting lists.

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