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Since the 2006/07 academic year Lancashire County Council has adopted a school term and holiday pattern known as the "Standard School Year".

The pattern determined by the Local Government Association (LGA), was established with the intention of standardising the school year providing terms of roughly equal lengths, making it predictable from one year to the next, thus producing a better environment in which pupils could learn and teachers could teach.

From the academic year 2014/15 onwards, the LGA decided not to publish a pattern. Following consultation with schools, trade unions and Diocesan/Church Authorities in 2012, the Directorate Leadership Team has determined that the County Council will continue to set a pattern for its schools based on the principles of the "Standard School Year".

Under Section 32 of the Education Act 2002 it states that in relation to community and voluntary controlled schools, the local education authority will determine the dates when the school terms and holidays are to begin and end. These schools do not have discretion to depart from the term dates set by the Local Authority. In the case of foundation and voluntary aided schools the governing body are responsible for determining when the school terms and holidays are to begin and end.

Each year the pattern set by Lancashire provides an overall envelope of 195 days. Within this, schools must provide 190 days for pupils, leaving 5 days for In-Service Training (INSET). This gives schools a little flexibility within the overall 195 day envelope.

Each school can decide which 5 days, within the 195 day envelope, they wish to use as INSET days. Once they have decided on their INSET days, schools are asked to advise staff and parents of their pattern, for the forthcoming school year, no later than the beginning of the preceding Summer Term.

Please see our School Holidays and Term Times pages for information on all holiday patterns and individual schools within Lancashire.

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