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Quiet Lanes and Greenways

Main Details

The Countryside Agency define Quiet Lanes as minor rural roads already lightly trafficked, where extra traffic measures will improve their attractiveness for non-motorised users.

Greenways are unsurfaced routes designed for shared use by walkers, cyclists and horse riders, but largely excluding motorised vehicles.

Designated Quiet Lanes will be signed for use by walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Drivers of motor vehicles will be expected to drive at a speed appropriate to and in recognition of shared use.

Non-essential traffic will be encouraged to use busier roads by changes to direction signing.

No special treatment is proposed initially for the Quiet Lanes. Urban style traffic calming is not appropriate. Most of the lanes and roads are already quite narrow and suitable only for modest vehicle speeds.

Many of the Quiet Lanes have roadside verges with special characteristics. The County Council already has a cutting regime, which recognises this, but the philosophy of the initiative will be the treatment of the highway corridor in its entirety. The County Council will monitor the use of Quiet Lanes.

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