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School Transport (including Benefits)

Main Details

As a guide, travelling expenses are normally paid to pupils who attend the nearest suitable school and the distance from home is:

  • Two miles or more by the shortest available walking route if your child is under 8 years of age.
  • Two miles or more for pupils aged eight years of age or over, who are eligible for free school meals or the parents are in receipt of the maximum amount of working tax credit and attending a primary school.
  • Three miles or more if your child is eight years old or over.

The County Council's policy for assistance with mainstream home to school transport is summarised above and is intended to act as a guide for parents and is not a definitive statement of policy. A copy of the full policy is downloadable from this site.

An application form (E7/10) available from Area Education Offices, or downloadable from this site, is required to be completed the first time an application is made. Once an application has been made and granted it is not necessary for you to reapply each year. If you are still entitled your new pass will be sent out at the start of July. The only exception to this rule is those children transferring from primary to secondary school, where re-issue forms are not issued. In these cases if the Area Education Office thinks that your child may be entitled to free travel they will automatically send you an application form (usually in May). This form should be returned immediately to the Area Education Office. If you have not received your form by 31 May and think you may be entitled then please contact the School Traveline on 01772 534 588.

These arrangements only apply to pupils until the end of their Year 11 in secondary schools. Different policies apply for students attending sixth forms, colleges and special schools. Details of the schemes that are available for students aged 16+ can be found in the Education Benefits leaflet downloadable from this site.

From September 2008, additional entitlement is now provided which allows the payment of travelling expenses for pupils in years 7 - 11 in secondary schools who are eligible for free school meals or whose parents are receiving the maximum amount of working tax credit.  Travel Expenses will be paid for those pupils to any of their three nearest schools provided the distance to the school attended is between two and six miles or where the nearest school of the parent's faith or belief is between two and fifteen miles.

From September 2011 new pupils starting at denominational schools where this is not their nearest school will be required to contribute an annual fee of £380 pro rata before an award of travelling expenses can be made.


If your application for home to school transport has been refused and you feel that you have some exceptional mitigating circumstances which you believe should have been taken into account when you submitted your application, then you have the option to submit a written appeal to the Student Support Appeals Committee. Please see the FAQ tab for further details.

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