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Complaint about a county councillor

If you wish to complain that a member of Lancashire County Council (a county councillor) has breached the county council's Code of Conduct, you should send your complaint in writing to...

County Councillors - General Information

Information on individual County Councillors, identifies who your Councillor is and outlines their responsibilities and contact details.

County Councillors Register of Interests

All County Councillors and voting Co-opted Members have to register certain financial and other interests they have.

County council membership

County councillors are elected every four years.  They are accountable to the residents of their electoral division for the running of the council and the services it delivers.

Full Council

The County Council comprises 84 elected Councillors who meet in Full Council on at least six occasions each year.

How to become a county councillor

Could you be a councillor?

Members' Allowance Scheme

The Scheme sets out the basic, special responsibility, travelling and subsistence allowances paid to members of the County Council.

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