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Young People Predict Future Of Lancashire.


News: Young People Predict Future Of Lancashire.

Thursday, 4th March 2004
(PR 1154)

Young people looked into the future to express their hopes and fears for Lancashire.

More than 80 young people got together at County Hall to listen to members of Lancashire Youth Council present their vision for the future.

The young people presented their ideas of Lancashire in 2024 at the "Ambition Lancashire" event via a series of mini dramas and by creating a fake newsroom covering the county's futuristic sport, news and weather complete with live link-ups to roving reporters and discussing issues such as teenage pregnancy, tuition fees and public transport.

Members of all Lancashire's district youth councils worked together to share their ideas with most of them feeling optimistic about the future.

Beth Bradley, aged 15, from Chorley is a pupil at Southlands School and acted in a role-play about teenage pregnancy.

She said:

"I'm very optimistic about the future because so much groundbreaking and preventative work is being done at the moment on issues such as teenage pregnancy that in 20 years time it shouldn't be a big problem in the same way as it is now."

Matthew Mugan, aged 17, from Accrington, is a pupil at Mount Carmel High School and said:

"Life for young people in Lancashire will be much better in 20 years time because they will be so well informed on all sorts of issues.

"The work of Lancashire Youth Council is already making a big difference."

Leader of Lancashire County Council, CC Hazel Harding, said:

"I was extremely impressed by the young people's ideas on how Lancashire will develop in the future.

"They put the work together on their own and hosted the event themselves which made it such a success.

"Members of Lancashire Youth Council are leading the way as ambassadors for the county.

"They consistently present the most coherent arguments on issues which they feel passionately about."

The "Ambition Lancashire" event is part of a much bigger project to encourage everyone to think about what needs to be done to make the county a better place to live, now and in the future.

A new body called the Lancashire Partnership, which has brought together the County Council, police, district councils, NHS, environment groups, business representatives, voluntary and community leaders, is steering the county towards a vibrant future.

For further information please contact: Jane Bullock on 01772 533521




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