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Working Together For Communities


News: Working Together For Communities

Thursday, 25th March 2004
(PR 1200)

Lancashire County Council has successfully teamed up with community safety partners in Burnley to improve the quality of life and reduce burglary and other crime in the town.

The County Council has enabled the closure of 28 alleys so that gates can be erected. The schemes benefit terraced properties suffering some of the highest rates of burglary and repeat victimisation.

County Councillor Jean Yates, Lancashire's Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation, said:

"This is a large scale scheme in anyone's terms.

"Most of the alleys were adopted highways which needed closing to allow gates to be erected. We have worked hard to assist the local Community Safety Partnership in developing the scheme and look forward to rolling out the same approach in other areas of the county."

County Councillor Anne Brown, the Cabinet Member for Community and Partnerships, added:

"Alley gates are supported by the County Council following positive evaluation in other areas of the Country. They can help achieve our crime reduction objectives and help people feel safe. They can also lead to environmental improvements and improve quality of life for communities."

The County Council successfully obtained the closures from Burnley Magistrates following lengthy discussions with partners and Government Departments on the legal procedures for gating alleys. Five further applications are due to be heard next week.




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