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Mopeds Power Students To Knowledge


News: Mopeds Power Students To Knowledge

Tuesday, 30th March 2004
(PR 1208)

A RURAL transport scheme is revving up to give students the "wheel to work".

Mopeds, taxis and cycles are all available to rural students at Runshaw College, Euxton to offer a flexible form of public transport. The project also provides a demand-responsive bus service, run by a local community transport operator, which transports students to classes in the evenings.

The Wheels to Learning scheme is now to be expanded with four new mopeds and associated equipment after Lancashire County Council approved spending £2,700.

County Councillor Jean Yates, Lancashire County Council Cabinet member for Highways and Transportation, said:

"This is a highly innovative project to make it simpler for people to return to education.

"Education is the gateway to success in life and it would be quite wrong if people in rural areas were deterred simply because they have transport problems.

"It is, in fact, a highly cost-effective means of solving the problem - cheaper than providing buses and far better than expecting hard-up students to buy their own car."

The Wheels to Learning scheme started in March 2002. Funding is also provided by the Countryside Agency.

Councillor Yates added:

"One of the main barriers to adults returning to education is transport. Adult learners quite often have other commitments, including family activities, which are not flexible enough to fit in with the existing public transport service.

"Many have no other form of transport apart from the Wheels to Learning project."

Mopeds, cycles and the demand-responsive bus service are the backbone of the scheme, although taxis are available for emergency use.

For further information please contact: Neil Graham on 01772 531095


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