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Safety Passports For Lancaster School


News: Safety Passports For Lancaster School

Monday, 7th June 2004
(PR 1384)

PUPILS at a Lancaster school are being "passported" to safety thanks to a novel scheme encouraging them to walk to school.

St Luke's CE Primary School, Slyne with Hest, started their Lancashire County Council-backed Travel Plan earlier this year.

One initiative in the Travel Plan to encourage more walking to school involves issuing the children with passports, which they get stamped when they walk to school. Everyone can take part - even parents who live a distance away are encouraged to "park and stride" so they drop their children off away from the school, and walk the last part of the journey.

The passports of those children who have walked are "stamped" by older children as pupils arrive at school, and earn them bronze silver and gold certificates and house points.

The fun approach to road safety near schools is to be seen on Wednesday morning by County Councillor Jean Yates, Lancashire County Council's Cabinet member for Highways and Transportation who will stamp her own approval on the scheme.

Headteacher Gordon Park said:

"We know that many parents have to drive their children to school because of their own work arrangements, but our 'park and stride' scheme allows them the best of both worlds.

"They can still use their car - but they drop the child off some distance from the school so the school gates do not become clogged with vehicles as happens at many schools.

"The pupils like to walk - and having their passports stamped seems very grown up to them."

County Councillor Yates added:

"Traffic near schools has been an increasing problem in recent years and we recently had a boy knocked down outside his school in West Lancashire. He is still on crutches.

"Walking is healthy and safe. Lancashire County Council Travel Plans are being extended across the county and seek to look closely at each individual school to see what factors are deterring children from walking."

Photo Opportunity

County Councillor Yates will view the scheme in action at 8.45am on Wednesday 9 June. The school is on Shady Lane, Slyne.

For further information please contact: Neil Graham on 01772 531095


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