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Park And Ride Special Fares To End


News: Park And Ride Special Fares To End

Wednesday, 9th June 2004
(PR 1388)

BARGAIN introductory fares are to end at the Preston area's two Park and Ride sites at Walton-le-Dale and Portway from Monday 14 June.

However, this is only the first price increase since the Walton-le-Dale site opened in December 2002 and the introductory off-peak travel price has been held since that time. Prices were cut at Portway in 2002 to equalise prices between the two sites.

The new prices will see a 20p rise on both price bands. For passengers travelling before 0930 the fare will rise from £1.50 to £1.70 and for passengers travelling after 0930 and all day Saturday and Bank Holidays the fare will rise from 70p to 90p

County Councillor Jean Yates, Lancashire County Council Cabinet member for Highways and Transportation, said:

"Portway's fares have not risen since 1995 - indeed, we cut the Portway fares when Walton-le-Dale opened. The new Portway fare, at £1.70, is still 30p less than it was in 1995.

"We always said the Walton-le-Dale fare was an introductory price and now it is operating successfully we have to charge a more economic fare. Both services, of course, will still be subsidised to encourage people to reduce city centre congestion.

"People will still gain massively by using the service when you factor in things such as the price of city centre car parking and the stress involved in driving."

Latest figures for both services show the Portway service operating at 100 per cent capacity while Walton-le-Dale buses are 72 per cent full.

Regular passengers using the Walton-le-Dale site can avoid the price increase by purchasing the 10 journey for 9 saverstrips from the Park and Ride site office before 14 June. These saverstrips have no expiry date so can be used when you like and they can be purchased using your credit/debit card.

For further information please contact: Neil Graham on 01772 531095



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