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Return Visit


News: Return Visit

Tuesday, 22nd June 2004
(PR 1420)

Visitors to Queen Street Mill in Burnley will have the opportunity to view an exciting new exhibition by artist Lorraine Berry in July.

'Return Visit' is an ambitious new site-specific installation specially created for the Queen Street Mill Museum and will run from 14th July to 31st August 2004. The work looks at the impact of the textile industry on the lives of individuals and touches on the broader artistic theme of how people's lives and choices are governed by the time into which they are born.

Concentrating on the experiences of three generations of a family from Lancashire who worked in the textile industry, the exhibition combines images created from fingerprint powder with recorded reminiscences.

Lorraine Berry is an artist with an interest in forensic science techniques using them as a metaphor for uncovering what lies beneath the surface. Images and text created from fingerprint powder will be suspended in the work areas of the Mill.

Fingerprint powder leaves only the trace of an image until stimulated by UV light and UV handheld scanners will be made available to members of the public. As the viewer scans photographic images of the family in their youth, they will hear the family's voices talking about their own experiences and the experiences of family members who have been loved and lost. Other text-based pieces will use anonymous reminiscences representing the many other silent voices whose lives indicate shared experiences.

By interacting with the installation, the viewer is made aware of the reality of the history of this and the many other mills in Lancashire and how this history impacted on individual lives at a very personal level. In a broader artistic sense the installation looks at themes such as personal choice and shared experience. This site specific installation also touches upon the more universal themes of the passage of time, what's lost and what's been left behind.

'Return Visit' is an original and ambitious new work specially commissioned by Lancashire County Museums Service, highlighting the Museum's innovative approach and launching the Museum's own involvement with a major new reminiscence project. Also supported by Lancashire County Councils Arts Unit and Arts Council England -North West.

Note to Editors:

Reporters and photograhers are invited to a private viewing on Thursday 15th July 2004 from 7pm until 9pm. Alternatively further information, images or dedicated photo opportunities are available through Jen Kaines at Queen Street Mill on (01282) 412555.


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