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Making A Difference


News: Making A Difference

Monday, 28th June 2004
(PR 1443)

Lancashire County Developments Ltd is the first local authority company in the UK to become a member of Business In The Community.

By becoming a member of Business in The Community, LCDL has agreed to make three commitments:

  • to integrate responsible business practice throughout the business
  • to impact through collaborative action to tackle disadvantage
  • to inspire, innovate and lead by sharing learning and experience

LCDL is the County Council's economic development company and besides working on regeneration projects, providing finance and equity packages for local business and promoting tourism they are heavily involved in social inclusion work across the county.

Through their Community Services Team they have already made an impact by helping a number of voluntary faith sector groups transform the running of their organisations by becoming social enterprises, moving service delivery for the community to service level agreements. This ensures a more sustainable delivery of service with steady funding and reduces dependency on grant aid.

County Councillor Niki Penney, Chairman of LCDL, said:

"I am delighted we have been nominated for and achieved Business in the Community membership.

"LCDL is a company wholly owned by the people of Lancashire and run to benefit everyone. From helping create new jobs in local industries to supporting apprentices and providing training for people involved in running credit unions we find ourselves working with local communities and individuals right across the county.

"By committing to these principles we hope to improve our actions and hope that the way we conduct business will influence our partners and clients. It is all about making Lancashire a place where everyone matters, a place where people can work and prosper as well as enjoy a high quality environment."


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