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Why Did The Snake Cross The Road?


News: Why Did The Snake Cross The Road?

Wednesday, 30th June 2004
(PR 1447)

A new game based on snakes and ladders is helping children to learn the importance of being safe on the county's roads.

Children at St Helen's Primary School in Overton, where the game originated, got a special preview at the launch last week.

The game from Lancashire County Council's Road Safety Group is based on snakes and ladders. It teaches children vital road safety lessons, such as holding hands when you cross the road and the importance of playing away from traffic.

By making safe decisions in the game, you climb up the ladders. Unsafe actions, such as trying to cross the road when the red man is displayed, mean you slide down the snakes.

A copy of the game will be provided to all primary schools across the county from September.

Liz Hampson, mother of two former pupils at the school and currently the school's road safety co-ordinator who came up with the idea, explained:

"The game is a good way to introduce literacy and numeracy alongside vital lessons in road safety, like finding a safe place to cross. Children across different ages have really enjoyed it."

Year 6 pupil Helen Roberts said:

"The game teaches you how to be safe on the roads. It gives some important road safety messages, such as looking left and right before crossing the road that I have also passed on to my friends."

Her classmate Andrew Sharman added:

"It's great to see our ideas in the game. It was fun putting it together and it helps improve your knowledge of road safety teaching you to stop, look and listen."

Clare Farrer, Principal Road Safety Adviser, said:

"Child casualties are decreasing in this age group, but we are not complacent. Teaching resources such as this all help towards raising awareness of important road safety messages.

"The road safety snakes and ladders game supports Lancashire's road safety education service, which includes the provision of free resources for schools, and guidance and support for teachers and governors.

"The snakes and ladders game presents a fun way to get a serious road safety message across."

To find out more about road safety resources for your school please contact Carole Rutter on 01772 531049.

For further information on the Road Safety Group log on to www.lancashireroadsafety.co.uk

Notes for Editors

In 2003 there were no fatalities, 57 serious injuries and 326 slight injuries in the 4-11 age group across the County. This compares with 3 fatal, 62 serious and 385 slight injuries in Lancashire in 2002.

For media enquiries only please contact: Stephen Axon on 01772 533194


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