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News : Beacon Fell Country Park is 40 years-old

Thursday, 14th October 2010

BEACON Fell Country Park is celebrating its 40th birthday this month with a series of fun events including a torch-lit walk, stone carving workshop and Halloween puppet-making.

Lancashire County Council officially opened Beacon Fell Country Park, near Longridge, in October 1970. It was one of the very first country parks in the country.

To celebrate Beacon Fell's 40th Birthday, the county council have arranged a programme of special events, so come along and join the fun.

Activities at Beacon Fell:

16 October
Lantern making workshop and torch-lit walk
4pm to approx 8pm. Limited places please phone 01772 533 919 to book a place.

17 October
Scavenger hunt
Drop in to the Visitor Centre between 11am and 3pm to join in a treasure hunt with a difference.

19 October
Night time treasure hunt
Starts at 7pm (no treasure hunts will be given out after 7:30pm) you should finish by 8pm to 8:30pm. No bookings necessary. Bring your own torch.

23 October
Stone carving workshop
Join Alan Ward at the Visitor Centre to learn the basics of stone carving. 10am - 4pm. Only 10 places available please phone 01772 533 919 to book your place.

23 October
40th birthday bash
Activities include welly wanging, nightline (blindfold trail), face painting and much more. 11am to 3pm.

23 October
Mountain bike maintenance (1pm to 4pm). Get your bike checked out by the professionals. Parts will also be on sale.
Mountain bike skills training, improve your skills to ride better and more safely. To book or for further details phone 01772 533 919.

24 October
Stone carving workshop
Join Alan Ward at the Visitor Centre to learn the basics of stone carving. 10am - 4pm. Only 10 places available please phone 01772 533 919

27 October
Halloween puppets - Come and make some spooky puppets. Just drop-in to the Visitor Centre anytime between 11am and 3pm

Notes to editors:

Background on Beacon Fell

Beacon Fell offers a real countryside experience with some wonderful views of the Lancashire Countryside. You can enjoy a drink and a snack at the Bowland Visitor Centre and there are a range of family friendly events timed to coincide with the school holidays, offering something a little bit different to entertain the children at no cost.

For those with limited mobility there are Trampers, all-terrain mobility vehicles, available to help you get around.

In 1909, Beacon Fell was bought by Fulwood Urban District Council to gather water for the district, which was collected in Barnsfold Reservoir. Over the next 20 years planted most of the conifers that are still part of the landscape today.

In 1959 it was decided that it was no longer needed for water gathering and fell into a state of disrepair. When the county council acquired the Fell in 1969, the trees were badly in need of attention - in part due to two million roosting starlings and their associated droppings.

The county council was at the forefront of implementing new legislation for the benefit of the people of Lancashire; on this occasion using the powers created in the 1968 Countryside Act.

Car parks were provided, paths laid out and a countryside ranger recruited to receive visitors. The road was extended to create the one way circuit road serving the network of new car parks. The Fell now attracts over 200,000 visitors a year and has a visitor centre, cafe, sculpture trails and Trampers.

Over the last 40 years, Beacon Fell has evolved to cater for the needs of the visitors, fashions change even in the countryside. Visitors can now use the Fell on horseback and on mountain bikes, something that would not have been envisaged 40 years ago.

The country park provides easy access to the countryside for those living in the towns and suburbs. Visitors can enjoy a public open space with an informal atmosphere, rather than a more formal park such as in an urban area.

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