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News : County Council leader appoints cabinet members

Wednesday, 29th May 2013

THE county councillors who will serve in Lancashire's cabinet have been announced by the newly-elected leader.

Led by County Councillor Jennifer Mein who will take specific responsibility for economic development and deputy leader, County Councillor David Borrow who will be specifically responsible for finance, the remaining cabinet members will have the following portfolios:

  • County Councillor Matthew Tomlinson – Children, Young People and Schools

  • County Councillor Janice Hanson – Public Protection and Waste

  • County Councillor John Fillis - Highways and Transport

  • County Councillor Marcus Johnstone – Environment, Planning, Culture and Community

  • County Councillor Azhar Ali – Health and Wellbeing

  • County Councillor Tony Martin – Adult Services

  • At last week's annual meeting of the full council, Labour and the Liberal Democrats reached an agreement that sees Labour form a minority administration, with the support of the Liberal Democrats.

    Under the agreement, the Liberal Democrats supported a proposal for Jennifer Mein, Leader of the Labour Group, to become Leader of Lancashire County Council.

    County Councillor Mein said: "The make-up of the cabinet clearly reflects our priorities for Lancashire which are to protect the most vulnerable, to stimulate economic growth and to expand employment opportunities for everyone - especially for young people.

    "With the reduction in central grant funding, we are going to be working in a difficult environment. However, we are determined to work hard to serve all of the people of Lancashire to ensure they receive efficient and well-targeted services that respond to their needs.

    "I am proud to have been given the chance to lead the county council and will work with the Liberal Democrats to protect frontline services and to create a green, fair and strong economy."

    The cabinet members will be supported by five county councillors who will take the lead on certain aspects of the portfolio areas and by five county councillors who will act as champions for specific groups.

    The ten county councillors are:


  • County Councillor Chris Henig – Families

  • County Councillor Nikki Hennessy – Schools

  • County Councillor Julie Gibson – Libraries and Cultural Services

  • County Councillor Sean Serridge – Corporate

  • County Councillor Richard Newman-Thompson – Health


  • County Councillor Terry Aldridge – Older People

  • County Councillor Kim Snape - Young People

  • County Councillor Gareth Molineux – Disabled People

  • County Councillor Darren Clifford – Armed Forces Veterans

  • *County Councillor Cynthia Dereli - Parishes

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