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application symbol

Application symbol

Look out for this application symbolapplication symbol

If it appears to the right of the brief details it means that you can access all the information needed to apply for that job electronically.

Once you have selected a vacancy to view, as well as the brief description, icons for a job description and person specification will be at the top of the screen. These will give you more information about the duties involved and help you to decide if it is a suitable vacancy for you to apply for.

There is also access to information on Lancashire County Council as an authority to work for and Lancashire as a place to live, work and relax on the menu to the left of the screen.

ready to apply button

Ready to apply button

Ready to apply Button

By clicking on the ready to apply button at the top of the advertisement screen you will have access to an application form and other information to help you apply electronically.

You can either apply online using Lancashire County Online or you can save a word version of the application form to your computer. Always refer to the job description and person specification as these indicate the essential requirements for the job. If you address these points in your application you will improve your chances of making the shortlist and being asked to attend for interview.

If you have difficulty with opening any of the documents please e-mail details and we will do our best to send the information to you in another format. We are working on providing more than one format for all jobs. The application forms are specific to each Directorate or DSO so please only use the ones that are attached to individual vacancies.

We will be extending this service to all vacancies in the coming months. Until that time please follow the application instructions relating to each advertisement. Some will have an e-mail address or telephone number to call to request details or in a few instances a postal address to write to.

Any constructive feedback on the system would be welcome.

Good luck!

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