Support for Schools/Early Years Settings

IDS Traded Services & Support for Schools and Early years Settings

The IDS traded team has developed a range of training packages for schools and other professionals. Additionally, the Service can prepare bespoke responses to suit requirements.

Unless an arrangement exists with a partner agency, any training provided will be on a purchased basis. Educational establishments wishing to obtain INSET from IDSS can do so, through the IDSS Traded Team..

Critical Incident Support

IDSS Critical Incident Support

The IDSS Critical Incident Support Team offers support to schools and settings when a traumatic incident has occurred which is outside the normal range of copiing

Please contac your local Provision and Performance Team Manager or Liz Eddington for information on how IDSS can support the management of responses to critical incidents.

Liz Eddington - IDSS Provision & Performance Team Manager
IDSS Targeted and Assessment Services,
White Cross Education Centre
Quarry Road
Lancaster, LA1 3SQ
01524 581158


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