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Short Break Programme Lancashire Break Time

Short Break Programme

Short term respite care provides a pre-planned placement for a disabled child.

ShortBreaks update - Summer 2011 information

IDSS Children and Families Social Work Team

Work of the IDSS Child and Family Support Team

Aims of the Team

The aim of any social work  or intervention is to help families to remain together but where families are unable to provide effective and safe care for their children, alternative care arrangements for public care might need to be made.

How does the Team get referrals?

Referral Routes

The IDSS Child and Family Social Work Team accept referrals from professionals and / or service users who have a profound level of disability.

What does the Team do?

The team work with the child or young person and their family, statutory agencies, voluntary groups and the independent sector organisations.

The team seek to ensure that services are provided in ways which meet the particular needs of children and families whilst also promoting their independence.

Assessing Needs


Any service which is provided will be as a result of an assessment of need which takes into account the ability of the child's family to meet the child's needs with the support already available to them from relatives and from other services.

Reviewing Provision


An IDSS social worker will give ongoing advice and support to families they work with,  and will review services regularly to ensure that the service continues to provide effective support to meet the child's assessed needs.
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