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Partnership working (Parents)

IDSS and Partnership working for Children and Families with Additional Needs




Partnership Working for Children with Additional Needs
Meeting the special educational needs of individual children requires flexible working on the part of statutory agencies. They need to communicate and agree policies and protocols that ensure that there is a ‘seamless’ service. Working supportively and in partnership with parents and the children and young people themselves will ensure that everyone involved understands the responses of the professionals concerned, and lead to a better quality of provision.
Principles of inter-agency working for children with additional needs
All services for children with additional needsshould focus on identifying and addressing the needs of children and enabling them to improve their situation through:
early identification
continual engagement with the child and parents
focused intervention
dissemination of effective approaches and techniques.
We aim to provide an integrated, high quality, holistic support focused on the needs of the child. This aim is based on a shared perspective and will build on possible on mutual understanding and agreement. IDSS supports a flexible child-centred approach to service delivery to ensure that the changing needs and priorities of the child and their parents can be met at any given time.
IDSS recognise the need for effective collaboration of services involved with the child and with parents. Joint planning arrangements will:
take account of good practice
ensure consultation with all relevant services
agree priorities
publicise decisions to parents and professionals
regularly review policies and objectives.
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