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Speech and Language Therapy Overview (Parents)

Speech and Language Therapy Services



Speech and Language Therapists are Health care professionals. The role and aim of the service is to enable children and young people with speech, language and communication difficulties (and associated difficulties with eating and swallowing) to reach their maximun communication potential and achieve independence.

Speech and language therapy can be either educational or non-educational provision. Prime responsibility for the provision of speech and language services rests with the Health Authority

It is important that the nature and extent of provision that is required for individual children and young people is assessed very carefully and that full consideration is given to how the provision of the serice is best delivered.

In some cases, for example, individual or group intervention from a speech and language therapist may be necessary.

In other cases it may be more appropriate for school staff to deliver a regular and discrete programme under the direction and supervision of a speech and language therapist.

In some cases a programme that is an integral part of the school day is more appropriate. such programmes are delivered by school staff  but may require regular monitoring and evaluation by a therapist.

In all cases collaborative practice is essential for the intervention to be successful.

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