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PIVATS Update Autumn 2016/17

PIVATS 5 Sample for web

Speaking and Listening now in stock and PIVATS PSED Tool will be in stock from Monday 17/10/16

PSED - This brand new resource will feature Behaviour for Learning, Emotional Aspects, Personal Independence and Social Awareness & Relationships. Introductory prices for Autumn 2016 are:

- Lancashire Schools: £90 - Schools External to Lancashire: £100 - PIVATS Franchise Schools: £95

To order click on the link to the right of this page.

Speaking & Listening - For those customers who ordered PIVATS 5 prior to the 10/10/16 and had already received the V1 copy of PIVATS 5 you will be receiving an updated V2 disc through the post very soon (at no extra charge) which now includes the Speaking and Listening elements of PIVATS 5. All new orders for PIVATS 5 will just receive the V2 disc.

PIVATS 5 Online Tracking is now available via The Pupil Tracker!

To login please click the link on the right of this page.

The PIVATS 5 Online element of The Pupil Tracker has been tailored to the new PIVATS 5. For those users who still wish to track PIVATS 4 you can do so by clicking on the separate link on the right. If you have subscribed to a PIVATS online account for 2016/17 academic year you will have access to both the PIVATS 4 and PIVATS 5 Online Analysis systems.

 PIVATS 5 Available Now!

The revised PIVATS (5th edition), for reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematics, is now available.
See right for a brief example of the format of the new PIVATS 5, which will provide small step assessments from P Scale through to the new national curriculum year 4 age related expectations.
All PIVATS products can now be purchased from the orders page.

 PIVATS 5 price list:

Lancashire SSG2

All other schools

PIVATS 5 CD Rom including Postage and Packing. (plus VAT where applicable)



News item: The Downloads section of this website has now been updated to include the Individual Pupil Profile for PIVATS 5, the original appendix five updated to PIVATS 5 and the original appendix six updated to PIVATS 5.


*PSED will be released as a separate DVD to the standard PIVATS 5 package and is not included in the initial cost for the basic PIVATS 5 package/DVD