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The revised PIVATS (5th edition), for reading, writing and mathematics, is now available.
See right for a brief example of the format of the new PIVATS 5, which will provide small step assessments from P Scale through to the new national curriculum year 4 age related expectations.
We have initially released PIVATS 5 on a DVD Rom, with the plan to release in "hard copy" booklet at some point in the future (for purchasers of the DVD).

Purchasers of the PIVATS 5 DVD will receive an update in Autumn 2016 which will include PIVATS 5 Speaking and Listening.
The brand new PSED resource* will also be available in Autumn 2016, as will the new updated PIVATS 5 website - both can be pre-ordered now from the orders page.


PIVATS 5 price list:

Lancashire SSG2

All other schools

PIVATS 5 CD Rom including Postage and Packing. (plus VAT where applicable)




Schools can order materials by completing this form:


News item: The Downloads section of this website has now been updated to include the Individual Pupil Profile for PIVATS 5, the original appendix five updated to PIVATS 5 and the original appendix six updated to PIVATS 5.


*PSED will be released as a separate DVD to the standard PIVATS 5 package and is not included in the initial cost for the basic PIVATS 5 package/DVD