PIVATs 5 Update

PIVATS 5 Sample for web 2PIVATS 5 Sample for web

PIVATs 5 Update


We have received information to suggest that the DfE may be releasing amendments to the P Scales, in December 2015. Therefore we are slightly postponing the release of the revised PIVATs (5th edition), for reading, writing and mathematics, until early in the spring term.
This will enable us to ensure that our new PIVATs will reflect any changes.
See right for a brief example of the format of the new PIVATs 5, which will provide small step assessments from P Scale through to the new national curriculum year 4 age related expectations.
We will initially be releasing PIVATS 5 on a CD Rom, with the availability of "hard copy" booklet later in the academic year (for purchasers of the CD).

Speaking and listening, and PSD resources will follow later in spring and summer respectively.


PIVATs 5 price list:

Lancashire SSG2

All other schools

PIVATS 5 CD Rom including Postage and Packing. (plus VAT where applicable)



SPECIAL OFFER: Those who have purchased PIVATS 4 since Sept 2015 can purchase PIVATS 5 for half price for three months after launch date. This includes Postage and Packing. (plus VAT where applicable)



Schools can pre–order materials by completing this form:


Assessment of learning, performance monitoring and effective target setting for all pupils

PIVATS was first published in 1999 and since its introduction it has become a leader in the assessment of pupils working within the P Scales and up to National Curriculum Level 4.

As well as its use throughout the UK the fourth edition of PIVATS is now being adopted by Local Authorities and District School boards across Australia, Canada, South Africa and other parts of the world.

Make a difference for your pupils working below national expectations, get PIVATS today!

Product focus: The PIVATS Moderation Folder

PIVATS moderation examples

This tool from the PIVATS team contains examples of PIVATS assessments with a commentary and supporting evidence so that teachers can ensure that there is consistency and reliability in their judgements.

This tool comes in two parts – a hard copy folder and a CD Rom.

To view example pages from the CD version please select the 'Samples' page.

"When evaluating pupils’ achievement, inspectors should evaluate the school’s arrangements for ensuring the accuracy of its pupil performance data as there is no statutory moderation of P scales and this can lead to misinterpretation.

There should be rigorous moderation arrangements within school and across a local authority to assure the accuracy of the progress data being used by the school."

Ofsted: Subsidiary guidance,
January 2012, No. 110166

To order a copy please select the 'Order PIVATS 4' link from the right handside of this page.

This document is designed to be used in conjunction with PIVATS 4. This folder cannot be used as a stand-alone assessment tool.