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Monthly Unemployment Headline Data

Our monthly digest contains the latest official unemployment figures for the UK and North West region and the narrower claimant count measure of Jobseeker's Allowance for Lancashire, its districts, unitaries and wards, and larger areas. You will find here all the numbers you hear in the news.

This month's instalment has official unemployment figures for the three months February 2015 to April 2015 and the narrower claimant count data for May 2015. Reports for previous months are still available.

Official unemployment for the North West and United Kingdom to May 2015

  • The official unemployment rate for all people aged 16 and over in the United Kingdom (UK) was 5.6% for the three months ending May 2015;
  • In the North West the rate was a little higher, at 6%.

Job Seekers Allowance claimant count unemployment (June 2015) 

  • The claimant count rate of unemployment for all claimants in wider Lancashire was 1.4%. There were 12,858 people claiming Job Seekers Allowance;
  • The rate within the county council area was slightly lower, at just 1.1%. There were 8,465 people claiming Job Seekers Allowance;
  • Both Lancashire rates were below the UK rate (1.8%) and the North West rate (1.6%).   


Labour market profiles for districts are published by the National Online Manpower Information Service. These are external links and we have no control over their content.

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