EYFS- Guide to Good Practice in Children's Centres

Introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage in Children's Centres

The Early Years Foundation Stage was introduced as a statutory requirement for all Early Years Providers both in the Private Voluntary and Independent (PVI) and the Maintained (schools and Nursery Schools) sectors in August 2008. It has recently undergone an independent review by Dame Claire Tickell "The Early Years: A Foundation to Life, Health and Learning" (March 2011) a draft framework was made available in June 2011 "Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage – Setting the Standards for, Learning, Development and Care from Birth to Five" it is planned that following a period of consultation the new framework will become statutory in September 2012.

The basic principles of the EYFS have gone unchallenged and recognition has been given to how the quality of provision across the sector has raised considerably since its implementation. The documents included in the toolkit are based on the principles of the EYFS and make reference to its content for example the areas of learning and Development Matters. Even if the statutory requirements for registered settings are changed following the EYFS review the original framework as guide to best practice in supporting children's learning and development from birth to 5 years will still be relevant.
If documents need revising to bring them in line with an updated framework this will be done on this children's centre document bank. All the documents are examples of formats that have been used by centres which you may want to use to support your practice. The toolkit does not say what must be done, all documents can be used and adapted to suit your centres purposes and needs, as well as being available in this publication all documents will be available on the LCC Children's Centre website under the document bank.
The aim of this toolkit is to demonstrate how the themes and practice guidance can be used in children's centre service where there is a focus on promoting children's learning and development.

Information about the EYFS can be found on the Department of Education website following the link below;

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