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Lancashire Well-Being Programme

Lancashrie Well-Being Programme

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"The Well-Being Programme has made a valuable contribution to the school's overall improvement".
Short Stay School Headteacher

"Staff morale is central to the ethos and creation of a highly achieving school, and also for sustaining success. It is vital that everyone feels to be an equal player and 'well-being' informs me of issues. It acts as a barometer and highlights areas for development, as well as fostering collective responsibility".
Primary School Headteacher


The Well-Being Programme


Lancashire Well-Being Programme




The Lancashire Well-Being Programme is a professional approach to staff well-being

Open to all schools, LCC services and teams

Working our way to better Mental Health

In December 2009 the government document "Working our way to better mental health: a framework for action" was published.  This is a collaborative document between the Depatment of Work and Pensions and the Department of Health.  It emphasises the importance of wellbeing at work and gives you a rationale for action.

A summary and main points are available by following the link below.
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