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Searching our new website is simple: just type what you want to find in the search box, hit Go and we'll search for relevant pages.

Here are some guidelines to help you get better results from your search.

Guidelines for a better search

  • Can't find anything? Every word counts, so keep your search simple. If you enter several words in the search box, the only pages which will show in your results are pages including all of those words.  For example, searching for "school admissions in Chorley" will not give you as many results as searching for "school admissions".  The simpler your search query, the more likely you are to find information.
  • Too many results? If you get too many results you can reduce them by adding more specific search terms. For example, "recycling" might give you too many results, whereas "recycling locations" reduces the number of results and is likely to show only the most relevant information.
  • Choose words carefully. The more unique the word is the more likely you are to get relevant results. Words that are not very descriptive, like "document", "website" or "info" are usually not needed. The query "where can I get a free composting bin from?" is very clear to a person, but the page that gives the answer may not use those exact words. Instead, use the query "free composting bin" because that's more likely to be mentioned in the page text.