Procurement - How it works in Lancashire County Council

How to do business with us

Lancashire County Council buys a large range of goods, works and services to enable the delivery of an effective service for the people of Lancashire and as this is public money we must comply with UK Law and EU Procurement Directives in addition to our own internal Standing Orders (Procurement Rules).

The EU Directives prescribe that all procurements above (or within 10% of) the threshold limits set by the European Union must be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Procurement rules and laws are in place to ensure there is no discrimination to bidders and there is equal treatment of all potential bidders/suppliers through fair competition.

Procurement in Lancashire County Council is devolved to directorates so is conducted by many individuals in different locations across the County.

You can find out about our contract opportunities either via OJEU or our tender opportunities page

Another way to view our opportunities is via our eTendering system, our preferred method for managing quotations and tenders.

Draft procurement strategy consultation

Lancashire County Council has developed a draft strategy for procurement and wish to consult on this strategy. We are consulting with all interested parties over the next 8 weeks and welcome views on the draft strategy. A questionnaire is available to provide your feedback.