Accessing Oracle self service - FAQs

Accessing Oracle self service - Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot remember my username and/or password

Both your usernames and passwords for Oracle self service and Oracle e-Learning can be found on your personal letter. Alternatively, your Line Manager should be able to provide you with the username and password for e-Learning. For Oracle self service, follow the link on the login screen for "Forgot Username or Password, Click Here" and you will be asked a series of security questions before your username or a new password are provided to you. Please use this option for password resets or forgotten usernames, as AskHR will direct you to this service if you call.

For more detail, click on the Quick Guide.

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Are there any quick guidelines or tips on accessing Oracle Self Service?

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What if I haven't entered an email address in my personal details and have forgotten my username

You can still use the Forgotten username/password – click here' function, which will confirm this for you after you answer the security questions online.  You should then ensure you enter an e-mail address on Oracle after you log in via the 'Preferences' section.

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I have been told that my initial password is my NI number but the system will not accept it

Your NI number needs to be entered as it appears on your payslip and the letters must be in capitals. If your NI number on your payslip is incorrect, then contact AskHR who will be able to assist.

Please also refer to the Quick Guides for more information.

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I am having difficulty logging onto Oracle self service

Whilst your username is not case sensitive, your password is. It will always match the format in which it was originally created (i.e. upper or lower case or combination of both). This means that on your initial login, your NI number needs to be in capitals and each time you change it, you will need to remember the case you set it up in as this is how it must be entered on subsequent logins.

Please also refer to the Quick Guides for more information.

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How quickly will usernames and passwords be sent out to new staff?

Usernames and passwords will be issued to new staff once they have been registered on the system and the necessary employment criteria has been satisfied.

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How will new starters be given access to Employee Self Service (ESS)?

New starters will be given access to ESS from their start date, subject to the Manager notifying the HRP&P of the appointment. The individual will be given details of their username and password.

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I am a new starter but haven't received details of my username and password?

Check that your Manager has informed HR Payroll & Pension Service of your appointment.

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Why am I having difficulty logging onto Oracle when using a shared PC?

It may be that the previous user of the shared computer did not log off properly.  Users should log off correctly before other users access Oracle self service.  Even when the system 'times out', the correct log off procedure should be followed (ie the user should click 'log out' at the top right of the Oracle screen).

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Why am I getting the error message 'the changes were not applied because another user has updated...

…this person's record'?


This is likely to be when the HR Payroll and Pension Service is working on the employee record. Please try again later.

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Why have I started to receive email 'alerts' and 'notifications' sent from 'Workflow Mailer'?


Email notifications


Oracle sends email 'notifications' to system users either:

·         to inform them they need to take action and submit an approval to complete a transaction in Oracle (usually sent to Managers)

·         to inform of time outs


It should be noted that if the request is not approved by a certain timeframe (dependant on the type of notification), the approver is sent a reminder message to inform them that they must approve the request.  If the request s still not actioned after another certain timeframe, the requestor is notified to inform them that the approval has timed out.  The requestor would then have to re-submit the request.


Emailed workflow 'notifications' are sent for:

·         Absence requests (7 day reminder followed by 7 day time out)

·         Qualification update approval requests (14 day reminder followed by 14 day time out)

·         Professional membership and qualifications update approval requests (14 day reminder followed by 14 day time out)

·         Work incidents update requests (7 day reminder followed by 3 day time out) 


Email alerts


Oracle sends email 'alerts' to system users to inform managers and/or employees of:

·         LCC expiring/expired professional membership

·         Honorarium i.e. due to end

·         Maternity

·         Medical certificate details

·         New starter

·         Secondment end date

·         Sickness Note

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