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Shared Reading groups

Shared reading groups for adults

Reading Group

Shared reading groups are a new type of reading group. They are very relaxing as there is no reading required before coming to the group. Instead each group has someone who reads aloud to the group and encourages discussion. Chatting about what has been read over "a brew and a biscuit" is a big part of the group.

Groups are called "Get Into Reading", "Read and Chat" or "Book Time for Yourself". They all use the same approach - typically the group will read together a short story and a poem during the one and a half hour session which happens on a weekly or fortnightly basis - thus giving lots of opportunities for friendships to form. Chatting is a big part of the group - with the emphasis being on "what it means to me", but there is no pressure to join in. Groups are ideal for those with visual impairments, dyslexia or other difficulties with reading or concentration but equally groups are also enjoyed by anyone who occasionally likes to take time over their reading and to discuss it with others.


Shared Reading Groups are available in libraries across the county. Some have started very recently while others have been running for a while.

Books we've read


These are just some of the books that we have read in "Get Into Reading", "Read and Chat" or "Book Time for Yourself" groups.  Mostly we choose short stories so that each session is complete in itself. It doesn't matter therefore if you cannot come to every session!

You are welcome to attend any group – all are free and are open to all.

Alternatively, if your group would like to read a whole book and then come together to discuss it, Lancashire Libraries have a special collection of titles for Reading Groups to choose from. More details about this free service are available via the link on this page, or please contact us for more information.

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