Fantastic Book Awards

The Fantastic Book Awards - The Book Club for Years 5-6

fba nominated books 2019-10

Developed in partnership with schools

The FBA is an annual book event designed to encourage children to read for pleasure. Children aged 9-11 are challenged throughout the year to select the story books they consider the best, through a range of creative activities.
The awards enable pupils to meet, discuss and share views about their reading in an informal way.
FBA can be run as a book club for targeted groups or extended to a whole class. It is ideal for inspiring a variety of readers from reluctant to the more able.
The event runs from September to May.
FBA is included in the PREMIUM PLUS level, or can be purchased as a separate subscription.
For further information please contact us.

Winners 2019

Letters from the Lighthouse
written by Emma Carroll
The Incredible Dadventure
written by Chris Lowe illustrated by Fitz Hammond
The Creakers
written by Tom Fletcher illustrated by Shane Devries
King Koo
written and illustrated by Adam Stower
The Jewelled Jaguar
written by Sharon Tregenza


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