Pupil Tracker

Pupil Tracker

Early Years Pupil Tracker Software

Pupil Tracker

- Optimised for use with the revised National Curriculum.
- Tracks a child's attainment throughout the Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
- Track PIVATS.

- Run analysis reports on individual children, groups and the whole school.
- Keep track of attainment and progress during the year.
- Record and submit your Reception children's Early Learning Goals, your KS1 Phonics results and KS1 TA.*

- The new Pupil Tracker is online - login in the office, in the classroom or on the go.

Select the link on the right hand side of this page to order the Pupil Tracker Now!

For more information please select the document on the right named 'Sample Screenshots from the Pupil Tracker.'

* Early Learning Goal and Phonics submission relies on your Local Authority also having a subscription.

Login to the Pupil Tracker at www.lancashire.gov.uk/pupiltracker

Pupil Tracker Training

Lancashire's assessment support team provide a comprehensive package of assessment training throughout the year:

Click here to view all available Lancashire Pupil Tracker training courses

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