iSupplier Portal is a new way of working with Lancashire County Council as a supplier. It is a free, web-based service that allows you to manage your account online and track invoices and payments at any time.
Through this portal suppliers and service providers can now gain access to Sourcing (for all quotes, tenders and commissioning) and, where appropriate, the iSupplier Care Portal.
One of the key benefits of the changes being introduced is the reduction of the number of different standalone systems in use. The new systems are now integrated with a single point of entry. They permit the secure sharing of information and allow greater transparency, giving suppliers and service providers access to more real-time information about orders, care packages and associated payments. The efficiency of working electronically on integrated systems will facilitate accurate record keeping, reflecting changes quickly, to support timely payments to suppliers and service providers.

We welcome any feedback on how helpful you find these iSupplier support pages and online learning. This will allow Lancashire County Council to improve the support it can provide you in using iSupplier. All feedback should be emailed to the contact below:


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