Corporate Parenting Board

Corporate parenting board

The County Council's management team have agreed a new approach to the offer available to all Children Looked After , in that all Children Looked After (age 14 – 24) with immediate effect will have automatic access on an 'opt out' rather than an 'opt in' approach to the range of :

  • Employment programmes (work experience/ introduction to Future Horizons/ Future Horizons/ apprenticeships/ WorkStart) provided by the County Council,
  • With the agreement of the respective school Pastoral Care Managers in schools that have a county council ex service personnel mentor in situ, access to mentoring sessions to aid progression, attendance, attainment or to assist with other matters,
  • Access to customised recruitment workshops to promote successful CLA applicants into the professional apprenticeships and trainee opportunities within the county council as part of the £0.5m financial commitment to support CLA into the county council's workforce

The above being achieved by the Employment and Support Team working with alongside CYP colleagues identifying all CLA age 14 + on an ongoing basis .

Care Pledge

Sketch of two children

The Corporate Parenting Board was established following The Cabinet meeting held on 7 July 2008.  It replaces the former Children’s Services Board.

Lancashire County Council looks after children who are unable to remain in the care of their parents.  When a child becomes "looked after", the tasks of their parents become the corporate responsibility of the County Council. 

This is known as "corporate parenting" and it is the collective responsibility of the council to prioritise the needs of children in care and seek for them the same outcomes any good parent would want for their own children.

The "Care Matters" white paper, published in 2007, sets out a vision for achieving better outcomes for children in care and their families.  Three defining themes are associated with delivering good outcomes – excellent corporate parenting; high aspirations, stable relationships; and taking time to listen to the voice of the child.

Lancashire County Council has established A Corporate Parenting Board for Lancashire's children and young people in care, this website contains information about the Board, including Agendas, Minutes, Terms of Reference and information about services that relate to the work of the Corporate Parenting Board.