Corporate Parenting Board

Corporate parenting board

The County Council's management team have agreed a new approach to the offer available to all Children Looked After , in that all Children Looked After (age 14 – 24) with immediate effect will have automatic access on an 'opt out' rather than an 'opt in' approach to the range of :

  • Employment programmes (work experience/ introduction to Future Horizons/ Future Horizons/ apprenticeships/ WorkStart) provided by the County Council,
  • With the agreement of the respective school Pastoral Care Managers in schools that have a county council ex service personnel mentor in situ, access to mentoring sessions to aid progression, attendance, attainment or to assist with other matters,
  • Access to customised recruitment workshops to promote successful CLA applicants into the professional apprenticeships and trainee opportunities within the county council as part of the £0.5m financial commitment to support CLA into the county council's workforce

The above being achieved by the Employment and Support Team working with alongside CYP colleagues identifying all CLA age 14 + on an ongoing basis .

PROUD awards - nomination form

The PROUD awards are a great way to recognise children looked after who have worked hard to change things, to improve the lives of others or shown outstanding spirit. We know that all children looked after have overcome and continue to overcome significant obstacles and that they are all amazing. We hope that PROUD will highlight all of them by focusing on some of the help, inspiration, talent and positive contributions. From 0 upwards there are categories for all sorts of heroes and we want to hear about who YOU think deserves an award.

So if you know a child looked after who goes the extra mile to make a difference why not nominate them now?
 A group of people who work with children looked after and members of the LINX group (Children in Care Council) plan the PROUD Awards and will also be judging them. All those shortlisted for the awards and the winners will be invited to an event in February 2015 where the winners will be announced.
Some helpful info;
You can nominate if you are a social worker, teacher, someone else who works with children looked after, a foster carer or as a child or young person. Basically anyone can nominate - we want as many nominations as possible!
You can nominate individuals or groups.
You can even leave it up to us to decide what category your nomination fits into; just give us as much information about who and why you are nominating (the judging panel do not know the young people, therefore detail is key)
So don’t delay - get thinking about your CLA heroes and nominate someone today.
Young people nominated for PROUD will be automatically put forward for Celebrate Youth.
The closing date is 14 December 2014

Making positive choices

This award identifies children and young people who have made choices for themselves that help improve their own personal lives in everyday situations and by doing so have felt the benefits and continued to go from strength to strength.

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Positive contributions

This award is about recognising those who have helped someone or improved the lives of others. They may have cared for people who could be friends, family or people in the community. They may have helped someone do something like their shopping; they may regularly take care of a sick or elderly relative, cared for siblings or helped a neighbour. They may have performed first aid or gone out of their way to help another person. We know lots of looked after people who help their friends and family.

What the judges are looking for;

The judging panel are looking for evidence that nominees have been instrumental in helping or caring for someone or a number of people.

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Danny Collins Inspiration Award

This award is about children and young people who have done something amazing or inspirational. If it amazed you or people you know then that's what we want to know about. We know lots of people perform in front of people, speak to professionals in conferences, stand up for what they believe in or help someone in an emergency. These are great examples but we also know that looked after children in Lancashire inspire people all the time and do amazing things. This could be about overcoming a barrier no matter how big or small, it could be about being positive or smiling in the face of challenges, it might be for working hard to get a job or the results they needed. For some people it might just be about getting out of bed and facing the day. Let's celebrate how amazing and inspirational you all are!

What are the judges looking for;

Judges were looking for children and young people who have set personal goals, achieved something exceptional and inspired others around them. This award is about a personal journey as much as anything else.

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Outstanding service to the community

This award identifies children and young people who may have made a significant contribution to their communities or local environment through their regular volunteering or helped other children and young people through their representation. Nominees in this category will have given their time voluntarily for the benefit of others. This award identifies children and young people who help to promote a sense of community and improve the quality of people’s lives. It recognises children and young people who have demonstrated that they are committed to bringing people together and inspire changes that lead to improvements to their community.

What the judges are looking for;

The judging panel are looking for evidence that nominees have been instrumental in improving or changing a local area or community. That they worked as part of a team or in partnership with others and able to assess and respond to the needs of children and young people and others within their community. In this award judges are looking for nominees who have worked with young people and/or other members of the community in a variety of settings. They should have worked as part of a team and show how they were committed to making a major contribution to the improvement of others.

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Gifted and talented

This award recognises children and young people who have made an outstanding achievement to sport and culture in Lancashire or beyond which might include individual or team sports, drama, the creative arts, dance, music or writing. We are looking for those who have excelled in their chosen area.

What the judges are looking for:
For this award, judges were looking for young people who had prepared, organised, performed or created a significant piece of work in their chosen art form. They will have shown an ability to set individual personal goals and achieve them, who may have overcome barriers to excel in their chosen sporting activity and who were able to work as part of a team. They looked for those who have excelled.

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Lancashire county pledge

Care Pledge

Sketch of two children

The Corporate Parenting Board was established following The Cabinet meeting held on 7 July 2008.  It replaces the former Children’s Services Board.

Lancashire County Council looks after approximately 1,440 children who are unable to remain in the care of their parents.  When a child becomes "looked after", the tasks of their parents become the corporate responsibility of the County Council. 

This is known as "corporate parenting" and it is the collective responsibility of the council to prioritise the needs of children in care and seek for them the same outcomes any good parent would want for their own children.

The "Care Matters" white paper, published in 2007, sets out a vision for achieving better outcomes for children in care and their families.  Three defining themes are associated with delivering good outcomes – excellent corporate parenting; high aspirations, stable relationships; and taking time to listen to the voice of the child.

Lancashire County Council has established A Corporate Parenting Board for Lancashire's children and young people in care, this website contains information about the Board, including Agendas, Minutes, Terms of Reference and information about services that relate to the work of the Corporate Parenting Board.

County Councillors - Corporate Parenting Board

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