Lancashire Youth and Offending Team

About Us

About Us

Research tells us that offending by children and young people is common and that amongst the crimes committed by them, much is either not reported to the police or goes undetected by them. Known offending by young people is actually falling and of those which are detected, most do not go on to re-offend. Furthermore, the type of offences committed by them are largely not violent or sexual but involve property, such as burglary, theft and criminal damage (NACRO, Some Facts about Young Offenders, 2000).

Nevertheless, most crime has a victim and a small but significant number of children and young people do go on to re-offend to become persisitant or prolific offenders.

This is why we need to use effective preventive measures to reduce the risk of offending in the first place and to target those children and people whose behaviour causes most public concern.

The Lancashire Youth Offending Team is committed to helping in this task through multi-agency work and the application of evidence on what works in reducing crime. It aims to meet the needs of communities, families, victims and children and young people, whose behaviour can have a damaging effect on those around them and themselves as well.