Recycling Centre Access Policy

Recycling Centre Access Policy

Lancashire County Council operates an access policy on all its Recycling Centres . The Access Policy helps us to reduce congestion, increase safety and prevent trade waste being deposited illegally at the centres.

The recycling centres will accept household rubbish delivered by:
  • A car with or without a single axle trailer (up to 3m long)
  • A van** (with no more than 4 wheels) WITH A PERMIT
  • A twin axle trailer (up to 3m long) WITH A PERMIT
  • A pedestrian WITH A PERMIT 
**For the purposes of the permit scheme a "van" shall be deemed to be:
  • Any vehicle without side rear windows
  • Any "flatback" vehicle
  • Any "pickup" vehicle

Please note that two permits are needed per visit when a van visits a site towing a trailer, double or single axle, where there is waste in both the van and the trailer.  

Apply on line for a permit

The recycling centres will NOT accept household rubbish delivered by:
  • Any vehicle with more than four wheels
  • Any tipper vehicle
  • Any trailer more than 3 metres long
Any vehicle carrying trade waste will NOT be allowed to deposit rubbish at a Lancashire County Council recycling centre.
For more information about this access policy or to apply for a permit by telephone please contact the waste helpline on 0300 123 6781
Please Note: The 3 recycling centres operated by the Unitary Authorities of Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council and Blackpool Borough Council may operate different access policies.