School Crossing Patrol

Welcome to School Crossing Patrol........

The aim of the School Crossing Patrol Service is to ensure that children and adults can travel easily and safely whilst on their journeys to and from school.

A passion for excellence …

The Service is delivered at over three hundred and twelve sites around the County, and we will endeavour to achieve a 100% service delivery.

On today's busy roads, it takes special qualities to step out and stop traffic, at the same time keeping the attention of the children until they are crossed safely.

Our staff are dedicated men and women who are valued members of their community, who, no matter what the weather, represent one of the friendliest faces in public service.

Great efforts have been made to re-equip crossing staff, fill vacancies and build a bank of relief cover staff to support the service. LCCG is committed to providing a school crossing patrol service that is second to none, and on the road to achieving this goal, has been accredited as a Quality Service under ISO 9001:2000 and has achieved the Government's National Standard for Customer Service Excellence.