Customer Service

Recognition For Customer Service

Lancashire County Commercial Group is well known for providing a quality School Crossing Patrol Service throughout the county. Customers who use the service are well aware of this and the service acheived and has held the Government's National Standard for Customer Service Excellence since 2000 and will be making an application to achieve the amended standard this year.

The service is also accredited under the ISO 9002 and OHSAS schemes.

We have set ourselves the following standards:

Operational Standards

  • To achieve 100% cover at all sessions
  • To carry out background checks on all applicants before they commence employment, and do tri-annual re-checks on existing staff.
  • To carry out medical checks on all applicants and annually on patrols who work beyond the normal retirement age. 
  • To provide a cost effective service.
  • To carry out risk assessments at all crossing sites annually.
  • To provide a patrol within 2 months of written authorisation from the client.
  • Customer Service Standards
  • To reply to all written correspondence within 15 working days.

Performance Indicators

Operational Standards

We achieved during 2009 / 2010 the following:

  • We provided cover at 97.1% of all crossing sessions, which is an increase on last year.
  • We achieved a 100% record in background checks – 260 CRB Disclosures.
  • We achieved a 100% record on all those who required medical checks - 125 in total.
  • Covering each crossing with a school crossing patrol costs on average £21.45p. per day. This figure covers the wages of the patrol and supervisors, as well as all uniform and equipment. This compares with  Cumbria at £17.13 and Wigan at £24.12.
  • Risk assessments were carried out at 97.18% of the 391 patrol sites. Twenty seven sites were authorised with 77.7% having a patrol within two months.

Customer Service Standards

  • We achieved a 100% record – 65 letters and e-mails.