How do I access Secure Web Mail Client?

You must set up your access to McAfee Secure Web Mail Client in order to log on when you want to send or receive encrypted email. 

If you do not currently have an account on the system and would like to have a secure conversation with a Lancashire County Council employee you need to email the LCC employee requesting that you need to have a 'secure conversation' with them (making sure the initial email request does not contain confidential information). The LCC Employee will then instigate a secure conversation with you.

The first time you receive an email you will receive a welcome message, follow the instructions to create your new account.

For all future messages just click the link in the notification email or save the link to your bookmarks/favourites. When you enter your credentials, the secure message list displays.

Notification emails are sent to your regular email account.

Log on to Secure Web Mail Client for the first time

The first time you log on to Secure Web Mail Client, you must create an account.

Before you begin

You must have received a notice that you have an encrypted message waiting. 
Secure Email Welcome Email  

1 Click the link in your notification message.
The log on window appears.
2 Select your language preference.
3 Enter your chosen password, then enter it again to confirm.
4 Click Save.

Secure email create account


You will receive an email to notify you that your account has been activated.  You can use the link in the email to access the secure web mail client in future.  You can also create a bookmark or add the link to your favourites.

Secure Email Account activated email 

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Sign in to Secure Web Mail Client


To send and receive secure messages, sign in to Secure Web Mail.

Secure Email message waiting 


1 Follow the link from your notification email message.
The logon window displays.
2 Select you preferred language.
3 Enter your password.
4 Click Sign In.
The Secure Web Mail Client mailbox is displayed.
If you are signed in, but allow Secure Web Mail to remain idle, a timeout warning message appears, and your session expires. You must sign in again. 

Secure Email Login Screen



Reset your forgotten password

If you forget your password, request permission to reset it.

1 Click the Forgot your password? link on the log on window.
2 Depending on the system configuration, you may be required to answer your previously configured security questions.
A password reset email message is sent.
3 Follow the link in the received password reset email message.
4 Enter your new password.
Your password must comply with any requirements the administrator has set.
5 Confirm your password by retyping it.
6 Click Save.
Your password is changed.

Accessing Secure Web Mail Client

Secure Email Forgoton password1 

Secure Email Forgotten password email 

I have lost my welcome message

When your first message is sent through the secure web delivery system you will receive a message asking you to setup your new account.

If you have lost this email you can get the system to send you another one by following these steps.

Click on any subsequent message waiting email and you will see this screen

secure email lost activation

 Click on the "Lost your activation email?" link and the system will send you another welcome message to your inbox. 

secure emial lost activation 2

Follow the instructions in this email to activate your new account.

If you cannot find any emails from the Secure Web Delivery system then first check your Spam and Deleted items folder. If you can still not find one then contact the member of staff at Lancashire County Council asking them to resend the original secure email. 


How do I manage my secure mailbox?

Your mailbox is the place where you can view your messages and take action on them.
From the mailbox window, you can perform one or more of the following actions:
• View your list of secure messages
• Refresh the list of displayed secure messages
• Flag one or more messages for follow-up
• Select one or more messages to be deleted
• View individual messages
• Compose new messages
• Search for messages
Secure Email mail main screen 

Expired messages

To avoid accumulating too many messages in your mailbox, Secure Web Mail Client deletes old messages.  

After 90 days both read and unread messages will be automatically deleted

You will receive a reminder to read unread messages prior to them being deleted.



Search for a message

From your secure mailbox, you can search for one or more messages using the search fields at the upper right of the window.

Before you begin
This task assumes you have accessed your secure mailbox. You can conduct searches based on the message status, by typing a text string into the search box, or by a combination of both methods.
1 To search for messages that have a specific status, select the status from the drop down list.
Select All, Read, Unread, Flagged, Expiring, or Draft.
When you conduct your search, only messages with the selected status will display. You can search for only one status at a time.
2 To search for messages using a text string, type the string in the search box. For example, you can search for messages from one recipient, or messages containing specific words in the subject.
When you conduct your search, only messages that meet your text criteria will display.
3 Click the search icon and the search begins. When the search is complete, the message list will contain only those messages that meet your search criteria. You can restore your full message list by clicking Show All in the action bar, or by deleting your
search text.

Delete messages

You can delete one or more messages from your secure mailbox window.

Before you begin
This task assumes you have accessed your secure mailbox. You can delete a single message or a group of selected messages in your mailbox.
1 To delete an open message, click Delete in the message action bar. The message is deleted.
2 To delete one or more messages from the message list:
a Select the messages you want to delete by selecting the check box to the left of each message.
b Click Delete (not the associated checkbox). A confirmation message appears.
c Click Delete Selected Messages.
The selected messages are deleted.

Viewing messages

When you have accessed your mailbox, you can view all the messages currently stored there.
Your mailbox window shows basic information about each message, including the sender's email address, the subject of the message, and the date or time of delivery. From the list of your messages, you can perform several useful functions. You can:

• Flag one or more messages for further action by clicking the flag icon to the right of the message.
• Select one or more messages from the list for specific action by selecting the check box to the left
of the message.
• Delete all messages by clicking the Delete link in the action bar.

 Secure Email message screen


How do I keep a copy of sent messages?

McAfee SWD does not have a sent items folder like traditional web mail.

If you want to keep a copy of your outgoing email then you can change your settings to send a copy of all outgoing emails back to your inbox.
Once logged in go to your settings (the small cog icon on the top right) tick "Send me a copy of outgoing messages" under Message Delivery. Click Save and you will be returned to you inbox.

Secure Email Outgoing

Any future messages will include your email address as a BCC. Once sent the email will appear in your inbox and will be viewable for 90 days.

How do I view a specific message?

When you receive an email notification that a secure email has been sent to you, do the following:

1 Open the email noticifation and click View Message.
2 Type your credentials in the logon window.
3 Click Sign In. Your secure message opens.

Download an attachment

This task assumes you have accessed your secure mailbox (pull encryption) or the secure message (push encryption).

1 Open your secure message. The message opens.
2 Click on the attachment. A dialog box asking if you want to open the attachment or save it appears.
3 Select the action you prefer - open or save the attachment. The attachment downloads.

Reply to a message

You can reply to your secure message. Your reply is sent to the Secure Web Mail server, and then is sent to the recipient.

If you want to reply to everyone on the email then click Reply All. All messages to recipients outside of Lancashire County Council will be sent via the Secure Web Delivery System.

Before you begin
This task assumes you have accessed your secure message.
1 Open your message.
2 Click Reply or Reply All in the message toolbar. The message expands to show the reply space.
3 Type your message.
4 Click Send. Your reply transmits to the recipient.


Secure Email reply message

How do I compose a message?

You can compose and send secure messages from your mailbox. Your message goes to the Secure Web Mail server to be sent to the recipient.

You must include at least one Lancashire County Council recipient in the email otherwise the system will reject it.

Before you begin
You must know the email address of the recipient of your message, because no address lookup is available.
1 Access your secure mailbox.
2 Click New to begin your message.
3 Type the email address for one or more recipients. You can also add cc and bcc recipients. If you want to add more than one recipient then separate the email addresses with a semicolon.
4 If required, request a read receipt for your message by selecting Send me a read receipt.
5 Type your message. You are given the option of writing your message in Plain Text, or, by selecting Rich Text, adding formatting to your message.
6 Click Send. Your message goes to the Secure Web Mail server to be delivered to the recipient(s).

Add an attachment to a message

You can add an attachment by clicking the Add attachment link and browsing to the file or email message you want to attach. You can add attachments to reply messages as well as new messages you create.

Before you begin
This task assumes you have drafted a new message or a reply that you intend to send.
1 Click Add attachment.
2 Browse to the file you want to add, and select it.
3 Click the command to open or attach the file.
The file appears as an attachment in your message header. The message with the attachment goes to the Secure Web Mail server to be delivered to the recipient.

How do I view and edit my account settings?

There is a single account settings window where you can view sign-in details, flag whether you are copied on sent messages, view and change your message storage options, reset your password, and view or change your security questions.

You can view and edit your account settings from your message window.
Before you begin
This task assumes you have logged on to Secure Web Mail Client and navigated to your incoming message or message list.
1 Click Account at the upper right corner of your message browser. The Account window displays.
2 View and/or change the information in each section of the window.
3 Click Save to save any changes.

Secure Email Outgoing 

Account window details

The following table explains the fields on the Account Settings window.

Field Description
Sign In Activity Displays the date and time of the last sign in. Click Details to view previous
account activity.
Message Delivery When selected, you receive copies of all outgoing messages.
Message Storage When selected, specifies where messages are stored.
Unread messages are stored for a pre-configured number of days and then deleted.
Password Reset You can reset your password on this window in compliance with your system's
password rules.
Security Questions Specifies your security questions.
To change a security question, click on the edit icon next to the question.